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2012 FERRARI 458 Italia 2dr Auto Coupe
Reg Date:
Engine Capacity:
Body Style:
0 to 62 mph:
Top Speed:

March 2012
NERO Daytona
4.300 CC
3.9 sec
315 km/h
570 cv

Car Detail
The 458 Italia is a completely new car in all respects – the design is a big departure from its predecessors while there’s a brand spanking new eight-cylinder engine. It delivers 562bhp at an utterly mad 9000rpm, while torque is 398lb ft at 6000rpm.

It’s going to be a technology fest, too, with E-Diff, F1-Trac and updated ABS fitted alongside a host of other tech that Ferrari will give more details of at the car’s big Frankfurt motor show reveal in September.Aerodynamics will feature highly, though, something that can be seen by the various swoops, slats and openings in the styling. Interior-wise, things are equally as dramatic.

The 458 Italia sees a return to Ferrari’s traditional naming culture – the 45 coming from the engine’s 4.5-litre displacement, the 8 signifying the cylinder count.This is by far the most anticipated car of any we have ever had on our fleet and has to be driven to be believed! Simply awesome!