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2012 MASERATI GRANCABRIO V8 Sport 2dr MC Shift Convertible
Reg Date:
Engine Capacity:
Body Style:
0 to 62 mph:
Top Speed:

February 2012
4.691 CC
6-speed Auto
5.3 sec
175 mph

Car Detail
The Maserati Gran Cabrio is for the person who is bored of the humdrum Italian supercar hire in a Ferrari or Lamborghini and fancies a bit of class and style from another Italian supercar company.

This Gran Cabrio is eye wateringly beautiful from all angles inside and out, and the feeling doesnít waver one bit when you step into the driving seat and take this supercar out onto the road.Pininfarina has done a wonderful job taking the Maserati GT and keeping the swooping lines whilst removing the roof.

With the roof down, the 434bhp V8 engine can be heard even louder and clearer than normal, which leads you to slow down then accelerate a lot!The handling of the Gran Cabrio is almost as good as the coupe, which is impressive considering removing the roof has meant stiffening the chassis has increased the weight slightly of this cabriolet.

With two proper adult sized seats in the rear of this car, the Gran Cabrio can be a fantastic experience for four, and how many other supercars can you say that about?The Maserati Gran Cabrio is a fantastic looking and driving car, and we canít think of a better way to spend a weekend!